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Deserted security office.

Abandoned Places - Detroit, MI by JayCass84 on Flickr.

Much of the medical/surgical tower - sometimes referred to as “New Med” - at Harlem Valley State Hospital is relatively trashed.  Located far up the hill, as remote as any part of the 1930s asylum campus, it used to be very easy to access before it was secured when private landowners bought the campus.  Thus, sadly, much of the surgical ward on the top floor is graffitied with the typical nonsense teens tend to spraypaint on walls - “LOOK BEHIND YOU!”, “Satan 666”, or simply a hastily-drawn phallus.  But this operating room is entirely pitch black, and hence has avoided such treatment - all it took was a long exposure to get a clean shot of the operating lamp, still in great shape after years of abandonment.
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Ruined Church by nitram242 on Flickr.

The last curtain call by Martyn.Smith. on Flickr.

final steps by Johnny Wasted on Flickr.

Abandoned train by TROTYL on Flickr.

1-2-3 by Nikon Morris aka Oldskool on Flickr.